Mark Jedrzejczyk lives in Wisconsin, where he tries to juggle four kids and several jobs with little success. (The children are too heavy at this point.) He’s an assistant principal and an adjunct faculty member at several local colleges.

Mark has a MA in Liberal Arts from St. John’s College. His undergraduate degree from Taylor University where he graduated with a BA in Christian Education. In 2022, he completed his doctorate at Southeastern University, where his dissertation addresses teacher’s lived experiences with Socratic seminars.

An award-winning teacher, Mark has an obvious interest in literature. Other interests include futurism, technology, classics, and the intersection of the ancient with the modern. In his spare time, he does graphic, print, and web design at digitalbranch.net. This blog reflects his disparate and diverse interests.


My words work on their own time. Blogging is, courtesy of its digital nature, urgent, tentative, and exploratory. I’m more interested in the working out of ideas than compelling myself to settle on a position with insufficient data — and the brevity of blogging lends itself incompleteness. It’s impossible to answer all the questions that worry us.

Hemingway once wrote, of writing, “We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.” This blog is my apprenticeship.

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