Poem: At the Funeral

But we have never looked atThe soft sky sculpture of aClown, or cup, or elephantFlowing from form to formAnd said,“'Tis a pity thatIt could not have lastedLonger.” Photo by Rodion Kutsaev on Unsplash

In Praise of Perplexity

Our world praises certainty. We must be confident even when we are unconfident. We call this self-confidence. For, the truism goes, if we don't believe in ourselves, who will? That we shouldn't believe in ourselves occurs to no one, though we spend so much of our time telling each other how others are completely wrong.… Continue reading In Praise of Perplexity

Study: Just Throw Your Hands in the Air and Not Claim to Know Anything

A recent study from the Institute of Research Studies suggested that the best option is to just throw your hands in the air and not claim to know anything. Dr. Willy Duneboggle conducted the study of a 1000 Americans who have access to the full content of the internet, hundreds of media sources, and a… Continue reading Study: Just Throw Your Hands in the Air and Not Claim to Know Anything

The Vials of Life and Death: A Fable

Old Vials

Once, a man inherited magical vials from his father, vials that his father inherited from his father, and his father from his father. When the world was young, the man’s father told him, water was drawn from the well of knowledge and the well of life. These two waters were mixed and stored in the… Continue reading The Vials of Life and Death: A Fable

Consider the ends…

Consider the ends, we're told -- when the ends are as dim as our beginnings. We do not know about our birth; nor will we know much about our death.

News without Action is Dead: And Most News is Dead

How often does it occur that information provided you on morning radio or television, or in the morning paper, causes you to alter your plans for the day, or to take some action you would not otherwise have taken, or provides some insight into some problem you are required to solve? ... most of our… Continue reading News without Action is Dead: And Most News is Dead

Death of a Hive

Once, a hive of bees lived together in perfect harmony. The worker bees busily did the work of the hive; they knew where the pollen was and how to collect it. The drones cared for the queen and helped populate the hive. The queen, of course, laid the eggs and gave meaning and direction to… Continue reading Death of a Hive

I Awoke As A Lilly

I awoke as a lilly. The valley was still and soft, still sweet with the morning dropsy. The air was cool, but there was still that hint that a warmer day was to hcome. I was not bothered to be a lilly. Nor was I surprised. I simply turned toward the morning sun and stretched… Continue reading I Awoke As A Lilly

Starbucks Stoppers & Decision Fatigue

Yesterday, in a state of need for something that could warm the cockles of my heart, I grabbed a cup of coffee from Starbucks for me and my wife. Today, in a state of need for something that could make my dead-tired heart beat, I pre-ordered a cup, stumbled in to the store, and grabbed… Continue reading Starbucks Stoppers & Decision Fatigue

All Things, Old and New

On this day, of all days, I struggle to find that depth I once knew -- the deeper parts (“deep unto deep”) that dragged me in until I, nearly drowning, water in my lungs, eyes lolling upwards, I caught a grasp of the thing itself and took a breath in and, coughing, taste a brief… Continue reading All Things, Old and New