Long-Term Effects of Santa’s Retirement: A Report from the Bureau of Christmas Giving

THIS DOCUMENT was released as a result of a massive declassification of materials from the Pres. Ford archives. Whether this ought to have been released or not, I leave the reader to determine. What is surprising, however, is the certainty and boldness of this report -- in a government who had already succumbed to the urgency of the season.

All Things, Old and New

On this day, of all days, I struggle to find that depth I once knew -- the deeper parts (“deep unto deep”) that dragged me in until I, nearly drowning, water in my lungs, eyes lolling upwards, I caught a grasp of the thing itself and took a breath in and, coughing, taste a brief… Continue reading All Things, Old and New

Detritus — and yet.

Reflections on 40. Mist -- that makes wet by a thousand side-driven points -- drifts through the air like microbial feathers. Today is my birthday. I am in Milwaukee, for a third repetition, on the mile-marker of 40, not yet sure when my exit will be called, but knowing that the exit creeps ever-closer.  --… Continue reading Detritus — and yet.

Theseus by Plato

A note on the text Theseus, as named for one of the protagonists of the dialogue, is a newly-discovered dialogue of Plato, in which Socrates encounters two new founders of “schools” in ancient Athens and converses with them on the nature of learning and education. Within it, Plato returns to themes of the nature of… Continue reading Theseus by Plato

Thirty-Nine: On Rust and Madness

Thirty-Nine. I have no thoughts on a number that is not imbued with arbitrary meaning. The age is a marker before a marker, like a quarter mile sign before a highway exit. It's only meaning is to mark a greater meaning to come. And yet it is confusing. It is a number that suggests movement,… Continue reading Thirty-Nine: On Rust and Madness

The Unfolding of an Argument

William's wife called him to the bedroom and asked him to unfold the sheet so that they could make the bed. He did so, careful not to wrinkle the cloth. Madeline did not approve of wrinkled sheets, especially sheets that were already folded properly. William once thought that the sheets would flatten out once they… Continue reading The Unfolding of an Argument

Consider the Lily’s End

Consider the ends, we're told -- when the ends are as dim as our beginnings. We do not know about our birth; nor will we know much about our death. Contemplation of death is a gift life gives us. Fear of death -- that is a great danger that can only be overcome by contemplation...… Continue reading Consider the Lily’s End

Beliefs like Helium Balloons

In one of Plato's dialogues, Socrates makes a distinction between knowledge and true opinion. The distinction, he says, is that true opinion is accidental -- whereas knowledge is opinion tethered by reason. What's the difference, you ask? And why does it matter? And how many different shades of color are there in a night rainbow?… Continue reading Beliefs like Helium Balloons

The Inscrutable Loneliness of Belonging

Philosophical Fragments Do I contradict myself? Very well then I contradict myself, (I am large, I contain multitudes.) I was a teenager when I first experienced loneliness. I can't recall the precise moment -- but I have a hazy impression of it, like a meaningful place visited once, all blushes of color with no distinct… Continue reading The Inscrutable Loneliness of Belonging

Under Construction

Photo by Colin Czerwinski on Unsplash

He had not noticed the sign earlier that day -- the one that read "road closed, under construction". He wondered at that but didn’t wonder too much. A man drives up and down the same road for the majority of his life and he begins to not see it. Though, still, it seemed strange — it… Continue reading Under Construction