The Vials of Life and Death: A Fable

Old Vials

Once, a man inherited magical vials from his father, vials that his father inherited from his father, and his father from his father. When the world was young, the man’s father told him, water was drawn from the well of knowledge and the well of life. These two waters were mixed and stored in the… Continue reading The Vials of Life and Death: A Fable

Death of a Hive

Once, a hive of bees lived together in perfect harmony. The worker bees busily did the work of the hive; they knew where the pollen was and how to collect it. The drones cared for the queen and helped populate the hive. The queen, of course, laid the eggs and gave meaning and direction to… Continue reading Death of a Hive

I Awoke As A Lilly

I awoke as a lilly. The valley was still and soft, still sweet with the morning dropsy. The air was cool, but there was still that hint that a warmer day was to hcome. I was not bothered to be a lilly. Nor was I surprised. I simply turned toward the morning sun and stretched… Continue reading I Awoke As A Lilly

Long-Term Effects of Santa’s Retirement: A Report from the Bureau of Christmas Giving

THIS DOCUMENT was released as a result of a massive declassification of materials from the Pres. Ford archives. Whether this ought to have been released or not, I leave the reader to determine. What is surprising, however, is the certainty and boldness of this report -- in a government who had already succumbed to the urgency of the season.

The Unfolding of an Argument

William's wife called him to the bedroom and asked him to unfold the sheet so that they could make the bed. He did so, careful not to wrinkle the cloth. Madeline did not approve of wrinkled sheets, especially sheets that were already folded properly. William once thought that the sheets would flatten out once they… Continue reading The Unfolding of an Argument

Under Construction

Photo by Colin Czerwinski on Unsplash

He had not noticed the sign earlier that day -- the one that read "road closed, under construction". He wondered at that but didn’t wonder too much. A man drives up and down the same road for the majority of his life and he begins to not see it. Though, still, it seemed strange — it… Continue reading Under Construction